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This book contains paintings and sketches from the artist's travels to Germany, Switzerland and Austria. It's a journey back in time and into the collective dark undercurrents running parallel to official history. We are shown movements, religious groups and individuals who constituted seeds for parts of the alternative culture of the 1960s and what was to be called the psychedelic movement. The journey takes us to places like the utopian collective Monte Verita at Ascona, the author Ernst Jünger's home in Wilflingen, Rudolf Steiner's spiritual center Goetheanum, Martin Heidegger's cottage in the Schwarzwald and the curious rock formation Externsteine in the mythical Teutoburger forest.

"My ambition has been to make a book that exists somewhere in between an art book and a travel guide. But at the same time it's a summing up of interests and a world of images I've been working with for a long time." (Fredrik Söderberg)

The book contains 39 new paintings and several sketches. Introduction by art historian Ulrika Pilo. Please note that this introduction and Fredrik Söderberg's own text in the book are in Swedish. A translation of Söderberg's text into English is at fredriksoderberg.org. Included in the book is also an index of the people portrayed and the places visited.

This book has been made possible through generous grants from Konstnärsnämnden and Stiftelsen Längmanska Kulturfonden.

Published 2015. 148 pages, size 170 x 240 mm. Hardbound in buccram. Limited to 300 copies.

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